Frankenstein at Peninsula Iron Works, Portland, OR


 The Model TR2 Tru-Trac™ keeps things moving on the massive Frankenstein

Case Study:
™ Keeps Frankenstein Alive

Peninsula Iron Works, of Portland, Oregon, came to EPC for their linear encoder solution. They trusted our expertise, because we’ve cross-referenced several encoders for them before, and they knew they could trust the quality of our products. 


In this application, the linear encoder solution would need to:

  • Have a robust, fixed, rack & pinion track system.
  • Offer the track system with stainless steel to withstand the environment.
  • Provide bi-directional feedback, since the sheets move forward and backward during the machine operation.
  • Offer Line Driver Output, to be compatible with their existing system.

Download the case study to read more!


Download the Case Study