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Specifying Heavy Duty Housings for Industrial Rotary Encoders

Encoder Products Company Heavy Duty Lumber Processing Appication

For applications involving heavy shaft loads, shock, vibration, dust, and liquid contaminants, encoders need to be configured accordingly.  Selecting an appropriate housing is a good starting point to ensure proper encoder function and performance.  Here are several encoder housing options from EPC that are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of harsh industrial environments.

Announcing New Encoders Never Before Seen


Encoder Products Company is proud to announce several unbelievable new products available on April 1st, 2014.   EPC spokesperson Steve says, “These products are so incredible, they are sure to set the encoder industry on its ear, if not on its rear."  Representing breakneck advances in technology, these products offer advantages that, at first glance, may seem too good to be true.

EPC and The Ice Bowl: Cold Toes, Healthy Kids, Warm Hearts

Freeze Out Hunger Ice Bowl sponsored in part by EPC raises funds to feed local school kids

Disc golf and snow usually don't mix. But, combine the two to support a good cause and you just might draw a crowd.  Recently Encoder Products Company helped sponsor the local Freeze Out Hunger Ice Bowl disc golf tournament to benefit local students whose families are experiencing financial hardship.

New Video Series: Encoders on the Job

Encoder Products Company Model 25T on the Job at Vaagen Brothers Lumber

When EPC encoders leave the shipping dock, they are destined to go to work in an amazing range of applications. We’re hitting the road, camera in hand, to visit some of our customers in a new series of videos called Encoders on the Job.  For our first segment we traveled to Vaagen Brothers Lumber in nearby Colville, WA to see our Model 25T in action.

Trouble Shooting Guide for Incremental Rotary Encoders

sensor error

Error codes.  They can turn an otherwise productive day into a frustrating series of rabbit trails and dead-ends.  When a sensor error points to the encoder as a problem, knowing what to check first and how to eliminate the obvious can save you time and hassle.  EPC offers a Trouble Shooting Guide that offers concise step-by-step actions to address the most common encoder problems.

Avoid the Encoder Scrap Bin with IP67 Seals and Heavy Duty Bearings

Proper Rotary Encoder Configuration Can Avoid A Trip to the Scrap Heap

Without adequate seals and bearings, rotary encoders exposed to water and heavy shaft loads may soon be destined for the scrap bin. EPC can help you avoid this outcome with an innovative IP67 shaft seal and heavy duty bearings, now available in multiple AccuCoderTM incremental and absolute rotary encoders.

ATX West 2014 Highlights, Observations and Encoder Sightings

Encoder Products Comapny attends ATX West at Anaheim Convention Center

Last week over 2000 exhibitors and 15,000-plus attendees descended on the Anaheim Convention Center for Automation Technology Expo (ATX West). The enormous building was filled with new technologies of interest to manufacturers of every stripe. Encoder Products Company (EPC) was there, adding our rotary incremental and absolute encoders to the mix. 

Reader's Choice: Top 10 Posts from the Encoder Blog in 2013

Top 10

Before the Encoder Blog gets too far into the new year, we thought we'd take a quick glance back at 2013.  Based on the total numbers of reader views, we've compiled the Top 10 Posts that appeared in 2013 on the Encoder Blog.

Considerations for Applying Rotary Encoders in Cold Conditions

Encoder Products Company rotary encoder for low temperature

If you’re in snow country, you’re probably familiar with the cold-weather considerations for your home and vehicles.  But, what about rotary optical encoders in your equipment? While not overly sensitive to cold, encoders tasked for use in sub-freezing temperatures should be configured appropriately to avoid a few potential problems.

Optimized Encoder Solutions for Conveyor Applications

Encoder Products Company:Ford Highland Park Assembly Line Example of Conveyor

This week marked the modern assembly line's 100th birthday. Henry Ford's Model T production line began operations on December 1st, 1913 in Highland Park, MI. By efficiently moving car parts to workers throughout the plant, conveyors played an important role in this evolutionary leap in manufacturing.  A century later, conveyors still perform critical functions in almost any industrial setting. When these systems need closed loop feedback, rotary encoders are often the sensor of choice. Read on for Encoder Products Company's recommended encoder solutions for conveyor applications.

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