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Including Rotary Encoders in Year End Factory Maintenance

Encoder Products Company example of year end factory maintenance

If year-end factory maintenance is on your to-do list, you might find that a rotary encoder or two will need replacing.  Here are a few resources to help.

Ideas for Applying Rotary Encoders in Packaging Equipment

describe the image

Packaging equipment typically involves rotary motion along several axes. This includes actions such as spooling, indexing, sealing, cutting, conveying and other automated machine functions that usually represent an axis of rotary motion. For accurate control, often a rotary encoder is the preferred sensor for motion feedback. 

EPC is Hiring! Job Opening for Electrical or Electronics Engineer

Encoder Products Company is Now Hiring for a job opening for an electrical or electronics engineer

Want to work with a market leader--that happens to be located in an award-winning four-season recreation destination? We're looking for the right candidate to join our Engineering Team with this job opportunity at Encoder Products Company.

Going to Pack Expo Chicago? Be a Guest of Encoder Products Company

Join Encoder Products Company at Pack Expo Chicago November 2-5 2014

Save up to $60 when you attend Pack Expo Chicago 2014 as a guest of Encoder Products Company.  Get your free Pack Expo exhibit hall pass today!

EPC Encoders Share the Load with Duff Norton Lifting Jacks

Encoder Products Company Rotary Encoders Provide Motion Control Feedback for Duff Norton Rail Maintenance Jacks

When industrial lift manufacturer Duff Norton needed a reliable rotary encoder for their new rail service lifting jacks, they turned to Encoder Products Company for a solution.  See it in action in our latest Encoders on the Job video.

EPC's New Industrial Encoder and Accessories Catalog

The Encoder Products Company Industrial Encoder and Accessories Catalog, Issue 6

Do you savor the scent of fresh ink-on-paper? Do you enjoy thumbing through pages in addition to clicking through them? If so, check out the new Encoder Products Company Industrial Encoders and Accessories Catalog

Celebrating America's Birthday and the Freedom to Succeed

Encoder Products Company Rotary Encoders are Made in the USA

Happy Independence Day! Encoder Products Company products are made in the USA, where we've had the freedom to succeed by doing what we do best.

Replacing Encoders on Motors? DMR's Can Help.

Encoder Products Company Model 25T Direct Replacement Encoders

Aftermarket replacement of encoders for motors is easy with EPC's new Direct Motor Replacement (DMR) encoders.  DMR's are "plug-and-play" cross reference replacements for rotary encoders used in many common motor brands.

Roll Former Relies on TR1 TruTrac Linear Measurement Encoder

New Tech Machinery SSQ Machine with EPC's Model TR1 TruTrac Linear Measurement Encoder

When New Tech Machinery (NTM), a manufacturer of portable roll forming machines out of Denver, Colorado needed a linear measurement encoder for their SSQ Roof Panel Machine, the Model TR1 Tru-Tracâ„¢ was the go-to choice for functionality and reliability.

White Paper: When To Use Modular or Bearing Encoders?

Encoder Products Company example of modular or kit style rotary encoder

Modular rotary encoders tend to cost less than encoders with internal bearings and a housing.  But, that reduced cost comes with trade-offs that you should understand before applying one type or the other.

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